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Top 200 Coolest Baby Boy Names For Your Son

Courtland :: boy :: English :: Dweller In Court• Juma :: boy :: African :: Born On A Friday• Carlton comes from Old English and means peasant's settlement.

Top 1,000 Baby Boy Names in the U.S. 2021

Itzak :: boy :: Hebrew :: Laughter• Bastiaan :: boy :: Greek :: Venerable• Or, should you opt for a more modern and Fortunately, there are plenty of resources to help you choose the perfect name for your son.

Top 200 Coolest Baby Boy Names For Your Son

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100+ Super Pretty Last Names For Your Characters by Kidadl

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100+ Pretty Names That Mean Beautiful (With Meanings)

Paxton :: boy :: Teutonic :: Trader• This could help them build self-esteem and give them a role model to show them what's truly achievable.

100+ Pretty Names That Mean Beautiful (With Meanings)

Blaine :: boy :: Old English :: Glory• Jax: English This southern boy name has a big meaning to it.

Top 200 Coolest Baby Boy Names For Your Son

7 Gerald One of our more recent presidents in the United States went by the name of Gerald that would be Gerald Ford.

150 Nice, Beautiful, And Cute Boy Names With Meanings

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30 Of The Most Beautiful Boy Names Of All Time Have Been Revealed

Just about every culture has a word or phrase that means something is pretty or appealing to look at.

100+ Southern Boy Names (+meanings and origins!)

Redmond :: boy :: Old German :: Protecting Counselor• Tiger: Powerful and energetic — as handsome and noble as a tiger• Ananda :: boy :: Hindi :: Bliss• Hiroshi :: boy :: Japanese :: Generous• Keane: Means ancient or distant — has a mystical feel to it• Channing :: boy :: Old English :: Knowing• They can be more modern as well and are often known and are popular because of their first, or last, name.

25 Beautiful Boy Names Everyone Forgot About

Brady :: boy :: Old English :: From The Broad Meadow• Arthur :: boy :: Celtic :: Noble• Herman :: boy :: Old German :: Man Of The Army• We think this name will continue to try to get back on the top of the charts, especially when it is used as the name of famous characters, such as one in the Harry Potter book series.