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To be treasured by connoisseurs of truly…• Miller's adaptation of her own novel is a soapy, contrived adaptation, awash with excellent performances…• Then her sister Moore moves in, and suspicion is aroused.

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Action and politics are confidently balanced, Sutherland is deliciously vile as ever, Hutcherson is finally given something interesting to do and while Lawrence is rightly the star…• Enjoyable hokum, with Moore wonderfully bitchy and Bridges unleashing Brian Blessed-like levels of ham.

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Williams tears into her role as Benjie's mother and Moore is fearless, but it all feels desperately obvious and rather silly.

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Gordon-Levitt is a likeable actor and as a writer-director he shows promise, but there's a lack of balance between the laughs and bravado of the first half of the film and the more sensitive approach taken…• Barbara Moore , a middle class social climber marries wealthy Brooks Baekeland Dillane , only to find herself drift into a series of twisted and….

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UK release: 24 November 2017 1959: in the dream community of Suburbicon, businessman Gardner Lodge Damon and his family are attacked in their home and his wife is killed.

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UK release: 7 June 2019 Gloria Moore is a lovelorn independent woman in her 50s, seeking out new romance in the Los Angeles nightlife scene.

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Cast: Ben Barnes, Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges• Cast: Julianne Moore, Ken Watanabe, Sebastian Koch Roxanne Coss Moore is an opera singer hired to perform at a diplomatic dinner in an unnamed South American country, but then rebels invade the house and take everyone hostage.

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Tracing a day in the life of George Falconer Firth , a middle-aged English college professor, a series of flashbacks outline George's 16-year relationship with the recently deceased Jim Matthew…• Julianne Moore ages pretty well.