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99 per cent of women hate partner wearing budgie smuggler Speedos

I'm not a fast swimmer, but I didn't think I was a moron either! Even though I was in pretty good shape, I got some funny looks and one woman was laughing at me.

Can a man in a speedo look good and be acceptable too women? : AskWomen

Some women in America like it, but it's not popular to like so most that do won't say anything.

A Scandalous History of Speedos

From the Baltic Sea beaches to the Greek isles, Euro swimmers just seem to be a little more comfortable about showing off those creamy hamstrings, and Americans have always enjoyed having a little fun with that stereotype.

99 per cent of women hate partner wearing budgie smuggler Speedos

-- Brian As a female, and a lifeguard, I agree with the thought expressed earlier that women do not like the bulge that is produced by men's Speedos.

What to know BEFORE going to swimming pools in France

I do not mind speedos at all and in my opinion this man looked really good in his speedo, although maybe a little TOO good! Such a funny thing to do on your last hurrah! When I bought it to begin with, the "kid" was laughing at me who cashed me out and said "Thats the first pair we sold this summer"  Hmmm, I must've missed that one.

Why Is the Speedo Disappearing From European Beaches?

"I think my biggest pet peeve with men's style on the beach is that they put no thought into what they're wearing or what they look like.

Do women like seeing men in speedos at the beach or the pool?

I have no idea if the other people using the park thought they were all gay egotistical morons, for they did not say.

98% of women hate partners wearing Speedos on the beach

Andrew Barker, head of content at C Magazine, which covers style and culture in California, says he became a convert after a trip to Brazil five years ago.

Tight fit: the comeback of the skimpy swimming brief

Do you know what to wear swimming in France? When I see a guy in a Speedo come into the pool area, I usually think one of two things.