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When a World Noble tried to take Shirahoshi during the Levely, Neptune prepared to fight for his daughter even if it means giving up on Otohime's dream.

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However, after getting along with Luffy, Shirahoshi does not show any resentment towards him for calling her names and she was able to leave the tower for the first time in ten years when Luffy offered to protect her.

One Piece Shirahoshi Nackt

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1 Straw Hat Pirates 2.

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However, regardless of her fragile personality, she is sweet and innocent like a child which is evident when she promised to return to the castle by dinner time after leaving her tower.

One Piece Shirahoshi Nackt

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Shirahoshi cries as Luffy is leaving.


Shirahoshi has been noted for her beauty, which has been said to rival that of , and stated that her appearance alone was beyond everyone's expectations.

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One Piece Shirahoshi Nackt

Triple Anal Fisting Three Fist In One Ass• Appearance Shirahoshi is a -sized mermaid, approximately the size of her pet but shorter than her father, and is described as "cute but huge" in her introduction; this makes her roughly eight to ten times the size of Luffy, an average human, excluding the length of her tail; she can hold and hide Luffy in one hand alone.